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Ballerina Party Ideas

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Balance is very important for all ballerinas. Lay out a 2x4 in a safe place (preferably in the grass) and have your guests walk across without falling off. For older children, add variations including timing them (so that they don't move too cautiously), having them walk backwards/sideways, having them do the whole thing on their toes, etc.

Disguise your party invitations as back stage passes to a ballet performance (or else make fake tickets and put them inside the envelope with the invitations.)

Borrow a few DVD players and TVs and play a few different ballet performances at different places in your party area (check your local library before you start renting them.) The volume doesn't need to be turned up on them - they make great decoration as the scenes change! These make great prizes for the end of the party, too (assuming they aren't library copies you've used)

In the background to the party, play the Nutcracker Suite or other music from well-known ballets.






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