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  • Create a Barbie outfit scavenger hunt! Label different rooms or areas in your home as different places Barbie would go. The mall, Ken's party, the beach... Choose an outfit for Barbie to wear to that location and then hide the items separately around the room or area. Now the guests have to find all the outfit pieces for that area. As they find pieces, they can dress Barbie. You can have one doll that gets dressed and undressed... or if you have more than one doll available, dress each one for the different areas.

  • Standing Barbie cake! You can purchase a doll-cake pan mold, or you can bake a cake in a mixing bowl that will withstand the oven heat. You'll probably need to bake an additional sheet cake or round cake as well for the base if you want to stand Barbie in the cake without removing her legs. You can use fondant or icing to cover the skirt area - and you can even put icing on Barbie to complete the dress. Or you can dress her in a halter or short top and just ice the skirt.

  • Have a Barbie fashion show! If you have a lot of dress-up clothes, have the girls dress up in a small room - of course, label it the dressing room. Perhaps they can dress a Barbie to match or coordinate with their outfit! Create a fashion show walkway through another room. Play fun music and have the girls wear their outfits and stroll down the aisle to the music. You could even record a video of the show and watch it later in the party.

  • Barbie car races! If your guests enjoy more action, see if you can find pink or purple toy cars - or purchase a few cars of any color and spray paint them pink or purple. Now you can have car races...create ramps with cookie sheets, clip boards or scrap wood you may have around the house.

  • Pin the outfit on Barbie! Use a Barbie poster, or you can trace an outline of Barbie on a large piece of paper or poster board. Now you can play a version of pin the tail on the donkey. Cut out pieces of wrapping paper or construction paper into different articles of clothing - enough for one full outfit. Have all the guests take a piece of clothing and try to stick it on Barbie and see how she ends up. Will her shoes be near her head?

  • Use small purses for gift bags! You can fill it with lip gloss, ribbons, hair clips - whatever you can find on sale will probably work.

  • Have a Barbie shopping day. This can be a great way to teach budgeting and responsibility - and they won't even know they are learning. Take some household items, or toys and games or Barbie clothes - whatever you'd like to use - and give them prices. You can give a list of prices to your guests, or you can label items individually. Provide the same amount of play money to each guest and you get to be the shop keeper. Now, give the guests a challenge or a group of challenges. For example - they all get to shop for 5 minutes to see what they can get for their money. Now give a prize for the most items purchased, for the most money saved (if anyone doesn't spend all their money), for the largest item can choose what's appropriate. You can also choose if you want to let the guests know what the "winning" action is, like saving the most, or if you want to just let them spend and then tell them later what wins the game.

Barbie Movie Posters! - Great party decorations!

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!

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