Barney Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

Planning a Barney party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Barney Theme Party Ideas

Disney scavenger hunts

Decorate in purple, yellow and green. Cut out large, purple dinosaur footprints and put them on the floor - maybe in a path from the front door to the party room! Or use the prints to lead to a treasure later in the party.

Go to the treehouse! Get a large appliance box and set it up at the entrance to the event. Decorate the front so it looks like a tree and cut a hole big enough for the kids to walk or duck into - so it feels like they are going into the tree house

Have a Barney outfit - not necessarily of the dinosaur. Maybe a purple sweatshirt or hat. Something the kids can take turns putting on during games to show they are Barney for the time - "it" for most games.

Serve "Sooper Dee Dooper" soup. Purple or green fruit punch. Arrange fruits and vegetables on a plate like a rainbow. You may be able to find dinosaur-shaped noodles or crackers. You can add food coloring to a white cake mix or frosting to make a purple or green cupcakes and icing.

Write names of objects and foods on index cards - tape them on or near the items so the guests can practice reading the words (depending on the age of the guests).

Make a large yellow sun to hang somewhere in the party area. Yellow wrapping paper or pieces of construction paper taped together would work well.

Play Barney Says or "Barney, May I?" so they can practice their manners. Play "Follow the Leader" and have one of the children dressed as Barney to be the leader. When you change leaders, be sure to pass on the Barney hat or shirt.






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