Basketball Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

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Basketball Party Ideas









Get your hand on as many different TV sets that you can and place them around your party/facility/event. On each of the sets, play a different basketball related video or DVD. Some possible selections to choose from might include famous basketball plays (check your local video store or library for a collection of these) as well as inspirational basketball themed movies (such as Hoosiers). However, for a real fun time, get your hands on some of the bloopers and spills DVDs from different sporting events. It's not hard to find a collection on DVD (again, check your local library and video store.) These can be light hearted and sure to 'loosen up your crowd' for a good time. The great part about this is that you don't even need to have the volume on (in fact, especially for adult parties where the guests will probably more enjoy their conversations more than the videos…)!

Plan a Basketball themed scavenger hunt. You can either create the list yourself or download one off the Internet - CLICK HERE.

This is a great game that can passively last throughout the entire party. Print out several pictures of different basketball players, equipment or other basketball themed images on paper. On each of the sheets of paper, write a different number or name bold enough to see easily. Place them throughout the party area, however, do not place all of them in easily found locations. Some of them can be in plain view (so that everyone can find a few) but most hide a bit out of site. Provide for each of your guests to have a copy of a list of all the images to find. Next to each of the image names, they are to write the number/name provided on each image sheet. The goal is to be the first to fill in all the answers by either knowing them outright, finding the poster or combinations thereof. You can also instruct them that all completed sheets can be turned in to you by a certain time, then a raffle can be held among all that are turned in for a prize. A third variation would be to offer a raffle ticket for each correct answer (the more they answer, the better chance they'll have to win a prize at the raffle.)

For fun great looking table centerpieces, visit your local library and check out some baseball books and magazines and arrange them with the books standing up, half open so that their pages can be quasi-seen.

Take photos of your guests and make basketball trading cards for each one (these are great as thank you cards)

Budget permitting, you can purchase any number of life-sized, celebrity cardboard cutouts. These are fantastic, especially for picture taking. Let your guests get their picture taken with different basketball stars. They can be purchased at any movie memorabilia store. A sample site on the Internet includes (Quest Experiences does not endorse this website - it is supplied merely as a starting point for finding said products.)

Disguise your invitations to look like event tickets to a big basketball game. In this way, it will be easy to put in the date, time and location (being sure to include your party location as the hosting 'stadium.')

Ask around to friends and neighbors to see if you know anyone who referees a sport. If you find someone, ask if you can borrow their referee shirt. This is a GREAT thing to wear as the host/hostess of the party. To finish the look, walk around carrying a clipboard and a whistle.

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