Bear Themed Scavenger Hunt Lists

Looking to plan a creative and fun bear themed scavenger hunt and want it to be fresh, new and exciting? Check out this scavenger hunt list collection! Your party guests will not only search for objects in the traditional scavenger hunt fashion...they'll also have the ability to earn bonus points and solve puzzles along the way!!! THREE different lists to choose from to ensure that you have the PERFECT scavenger hunt for your party!

This amazing download includes:

  * Instructions on setting up a traditional scavenger hunt
  * Variations to be incorporated that AREN'T as traditional
  * A set of sample rules to draw from to help you facilitate the hunt
  * Clues to hide for the puzzles


Checklists to use for easier points counting at the conclusion of the hunt

AND...THREE different Complete Scavenger Hunt Lists - all with a bear theme - ready to be printed out and used!

PLUS...we've provided images at the conclusion of the download to be used in your scavenger hunt! You don't even need to find the items ahead of time to set it up!

Although all three lists were designed with a bears theme, each list has a varying degree of difficulty:

List 1 - A basic list to find different bear themed items as part of a scavenger hunt
List 2 - A more complex list of items including opportunities to earn bonus points for collecting different items in a set
List 3 - THE MEGA LIST - In this list, the participants will be doing ALL KINDS of different activities to earn points...from finding bear food to getting bear paw prints from a park ranger!

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With this unique scavenger hunt list collection, you'll be the hit of the party with little work! How much is your time worth? This download is in the convenient Adobe Acrobat format to ensure easy loading and formatting integrity.


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