Bible Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

Planning a Bible party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Bible Party Ideas

For simple walls, try using standard cardboard voting booths. For a local supplier, check you nearest elementary school so see where they get theirs. These walls can be covered quickly and easily with butcher paper and positioned in any way to suit your needs and location. If you want to paint with a faux rock/stone finish (without spending an arm and a leg on those craft store kits) buy a few cans of spray paint instead. Brown, light beige and white should do the trick. With a hobby razor blade, lightly score the nozzle hole of the spray can. This will cause the paint to sputter rather than spray. Make sure the surface is covered first in the beige, then add some sputtering of the brown and white.

Have an entertainment center or other such 21st century items that are 'killing' the first century mood you are trying to set? One word…burlap. It's cheap and it also looks great as curtains, table cloths or as simple draping to hide the abovementioned. I get mine at an army supply store.

Borrow some VCRs from some friends and have different Bible based movies being played throughout the event/party area. The great part about this is that the volume does not need to be turned on. The visuals alone are great.

Use lots of candles for lighting. If you are short on candlesticks, melt some wax on scrap pieces of wood and adhere small votive candles to it. These look great when lined up in a line about three inches from each other.

Don't be afraid to use a little dirt for decoration. This looks especially nice sprinkled around the bottom of table centerpieces.

If you've used cardboard in any way to build walls et. al., make sure to have a few 'loose stones' (individual empty boxes) laying about the foot of the walls to simulate the walls coming apart.



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