Bionicle Theme Party Supplies

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Bionicle Party Ideas

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Bionicles are Lego toys. So be sure to have lots of Lego blocks around. Maybe set up a table with boxes of loose blocks you already have. Kids can build things while they wait for everyone to arrive.

Your Bionicle party colors can be almost anything… perhaps your guest of honor can choose his or her favorite type of Bionicle to determine the colors. There are rock, fire, water, jungle, ice and sand tribes. You could decorate different rooms or areas according to the typs of Bionicles - or just have different colors around the entire party.

Print out images of Bionicles and glue them to construction paper. The official Bionicles website has full figure and head-only images available. They also have posters to print. Hang them around the party area as decorations. You can also use them as placemats at the table - if you can color them with clear Contact paper, they'll be waterproof and you can send them home with your guests as party favors.

Do games based on Bionicle types. Water gun target shooting for water, ice cube toss into a bucket or bowl for ice, jump over a red tablecloth for fire… you can have fun with coming up with games and deciding what type of Bionicle would do it.

Pin-the-mask on the Bionicle. Find a picture of a Bionicle and draw it on a large piece of butcher paper or poster board. Cut out colored mask shapes for each guest and put tape on the back to pay the game.

Disc target practice. Many Bionicles have discs as weapons. Use small Frisbees as the discs and set up two cones, or a medium-sized box as a target. You can have your guests try to get three in a row, or just try to get one disc in the target.





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