Bolt Theme Party Supplies

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Bolt Party Ideas

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Have a barking contest! Give prizes for loudest, strangest… or just have fun barking.

Pin the bolt on Bolt. Print out a picture or draw a picture of Bolt on a large sheet of poster board. Cut out some lightning bolts from yellow construction paper and have your guests try to put the lightning bolt on Bolt's chest.

Serve Bolt Dogs - hot dogs. If you have bone shaped cookie cutters, you can cut sandwiches or cookies into bones for treats.

Paint lightning bolts on faces. Everyone can have a bolt on his/her cheek during the party in honor of Bolt.

Have Bolt power races or contests. Set up an obstacle course that everyone needs to finish in a certain amount of time. Or perhaps, they have to run from start to finish on all fours - hands and feet or hands and knees - like Bolt.

Dessert - try paw print cupcakes. Or you can make a lightning bolt shaped cake and frost it yellow.




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