Boyds Bears Theme Party Supplies

Planning a Boyds Bears party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Boyds Bears Party Ideas

Face painting bears! You can paint teddy bears on cheeks… or paint noses black and add a "muzzle" of brown to make each guest a teddy bear.

Make some furry Boyd's bears ears. Get some plastic headbands and tie two pipe cleaners around the headband and sticking up where you want the ears to be. These will hold the ears in place on the headband. You may need to cut them down to size a bit. Using faux fur from your local craft store, cut out four circles about three inches in diameter for each set of ears. Use fabric glue or a hot glue gun and glue the circles, furry side out, around the wire that is sticking up from the headbands.

Ask everyone to bring a teddy bear with them - have Boyd's bear races! Each guest has to run a race, or complete an obstacle course, with the bear in her arms.

Use brown packaging paper around the walls of the bear party area. The paper is large enough that you can cover a large space quickly. Now you can hang pictures of bee hives, bumble bees, flowers or trees on the brown paper…whatever nature you think is appropriate.

Teddy bear cakes. There are bear-shaped cake pans available. You could also use a basic circle cake pan, and a few cupcakes. Put one cupcake on top of the circle cake for the nose/muzzle area. Two cupcakes at the edges of the circle cake can be the ears. Use icing or dark candies for the eyes on the cake. You can use coconut - if your guests like it - to make the bear look furry.

Dress up the Boyd's bear. Draw a large teddy bear - six to ten inches high at least - standing or sitting down. Or you can print out an image you may have already. Now trace the shape of the bear onto another piece of paper - and make a dress or clothes to dress the bear out of construction paper. Glue each outfit together, if there is more than one piece - or you can just cut out the same dress from different colors. Now play pin-the-dress on the bear with the different colored outfits.




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