Bug Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

Planning a Bug party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Bug Party Ideas

Crushed graham crackers make fun 'dirt' for cake decorating.

Cut giant leaves from large sheets of green construction paper. These make great table placemats!

Hunt for bugs! Either create your own scavenger hunt list or download one - click HERE for downloadable lists!

DON'T THROW AWAY THE PARTY DECORATIONS! - Save money and do something your guests will LOVE! GIVE AWAY your party decorations! Use bug posters (see below for inexpensive resources) to hang around your party area. Allow the winners of different games to choose which poster they'll get to walk away with at the conclusion to the party! Combine decorations with party prizes!

Have plastic bugs coming OUT of your cake. Once your cake is finished, use a fork to gauge a hold in the top. Place plastic bugs heads up down inside the hold as though they are coming out. Then, create a couple of trails of bugs in different directions across the top of the cake. The messier the hole is on top, the better (that way it will look as though the bugs broke their way through.)

Take your guests to a local park and arm them with small canning jars. Let them put in sticks, grass and rocks to create their own bug habitat. Then, allow them to find creepy crawling to put in their jars. Depending on the looseness of the ground and the time of year, you may need to arm each guest with a small shovel for some light digging.


Bugs and Insect Posters! - Great party decorations!

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!


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