Bunnies By The Bay Theme Party Supplies

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Bunnies By The Bay Party Ideas

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Serve carrot cake - the kind with the icing carrots on top would be cute.

Decorate with Bunnies by the Bay cream, pastel greens, blues and pinks, depending on the gender of the baby or preferences of the parents. Have some white or pastel colored daisies as a centerpiece on the buffet or gift table.

A few Bunnies by the Bay party decorations will set off the rest of the room decorations properly - maybe a Mylar balloon or tablecloth. Then the colors or remaining items will be tied together properly.

Have baskets available - put the tableware in a basket. Have gifts set up in baskets. Serve breads or finger foods from baskets.

Set up a display area for Bunnies by the Bay baby clothes received. If you have a laundry rack, you can get baby hangars and hang up the clothes as they are received. Another alternative - have a laundry basket available - as a gift for the mother? Put the new clothes in the laundry basket as she opens them.

Play matching socks. Get a large variety of baby socks. Separate them from each other. Mix them up in a pile on a table or in a basket. Give the player a turn to match as many pairs of socks as possible in 30 seconds - or one minute. The most pairs matched is the winner of the game, but the new mother or guest of honor gets to keep the socks!







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