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Buzz Lightyear Party Ideas

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Space food! Cut sandwiches into circles and stars - with metal cookie cutters. The cake can be a planet - if you bake a circle cake and frost it green and/or blue. Put a small figure of Buzz Lightyear in the middle as if he's conquering the planet. If you can find it, try getting some astronaut ice cream or lunar ice candy crystals.

Decorate the Buzz Lightyear party room as a space ship. Get one or two large boxes to use as the main control panels. Cover them with butcher paper - or aluminum foil to look more "space" like. Draw buttons and switches on paper plates and attach them to the boxes with glue - or brad fasteners so they can spin and turn. Plastic cups can be sensor lights. Streamers across the area may look like piping… or use swimming pool float tubes as the cables behind a control panel box.

Cover windows with black poster board or construction paper that you've poked small holes into first. Then the light shining through the holes will look like a night sky!

Hide -and-seek green men. Buzz Lightyear needs to help the little men… Print out images of the little green men and hide them around the party area. Now have your guests search for as many men as they can find in 30 seconds. Or, hide a certain number of men and give them as much time as they need to find them all.

Rocket treats - you can get rocket shaped Popsicle treats. Also, you can make a candy rocket with a roll of Lifesavers candy and a Hershey's kiss. Hot glue the Kiss to the end of the Lifesavers tube as the top of the rocket. Cut out a red construction paper flame and tape or glue it to the end of the rocket as if it's flying. You can wrap another piece of paper around the candy tube and write "Have a Blast!" on the side.

Buzz target practice. Set up a foam disc-shooter gun and target in the party area. Have each guest try to have their disc land in a target area a certain distance away. You may need to test the distance of the gun before the party. Or, use water guns and targets outside if it's summer and you want everyone to cool off.


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