Camp Rock Theme Party Supplies

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Camp Rock Party Ideas

Guitar cake! There are cake pans shaped like guitars, or you can just bake a large sheet cake and cut out the shape. Microphone cupcakes. Bake cupcakes in the cake ice cream cones - similar to any ice cream cakes you may have seen. Frost the top a silver or gray (not very pretty … and it will look like a microphone!

Serve star shaped sandwiches or cookies, star candies.

Since the party is about rock music - consider karaoke time! Have tambourines, microphones, whatever instruments may work for the rock concert.

Decorate in purple and pink. String white or colored strands of lights around the edges of the doorway and any windows. This will add to a party atmosphere for a rock and roll party. If the lights blink on and off that may be more fun. Cut out musical notes from black construction paper and hang from the ceiling on ribbon or string.

If your guests are old enough, try rock star makeovers! Provide new lip gloss, fingernail polish, eye shadow, hair spray, whatever the girls may need to be ready to rock! (check with other parents first)

Serve camp food - hot dogs, hamburgers, cole slaw, chips and dip and maybe s'mores for dessert!

Watch the Camp Rock movie during the party. Or, if they've all seen it enough, pull out some trivia questions about who sings what song or who says certain phrases in the movie.