Candy Factory/ Wonka Chocolate Factory Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

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Candy Factory/Wonka Chocolate Factory Party Ideas

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Borrow some VCRs from some friends and have different TV's playing the movie throughout the event/party area. The great part about this is that the volume does not need to be turned on. The visuals alone are great. For the best effect, do your best to stagger the movies from set to set (i.e. when the guests walk around, the movie is at a different place in the story on each TV set.)

Hang movie posters from famous adventure movies. These can be purchased through any number of movie poster companies online. For a more economical approach, nab them from the Internet and print them out on 8 ½ x 11 sheets of paper for 'mini' posters.

Divide the guests into two teams and give them each a stack of candy bars (only one of each.) Have them each come up with a story that uses the names of every candy bar in their bunch. For example, a story might go something like this "One day, Baby Ruth tripped and made Mr. Goodbar Snicker." Afterwards , have a spokesman from each team read their story to the other group.

For a more elaborate activity (but one that could take keep the kids occupied for a longer period of time PLUS providing an EXCELLENT take home gift) make a small 9", single layer cake for each guest. Depending on the age of the guest, you may want to front it first. Provide all different types of candies for the guests to decorate their own cake. They can make pictures, abstract designs or anything that their imaginations come up with.

As invitations, make golden tickets from your computer. Buy chocolate bars (the ones in the foil wrap like Hersheys) and remove carefully the chocolate from the foil. Place the gold ticket inside and refoil the chocolate with the same foil (if you removed it carefully, you should have a problem reassembling the wrapping.) These are GREAT invitations and really set a fun mood even before the party begins!

Have the party guests come up with their own wonderful magic creations. Have them draw a picture of it and explain to everyone what it does!

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