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Make sure to use a lot of red, white and blue in your decorating. This is a great time to ask around to different friends and family who might have a lot of American Independence Day decorations.

Check your Christmas decorations stash in the garage for any all white strands of Christmas tree lights. These look GREAT for decorating around your party space (especially around the party table.) If you have a red strand and white strand, all the more! If you use white and red lights, make sure to have extra blue decorations in streamers or balloons to help balance out the color scheme.

Hang up War posters persuading young men to enlist in the military for the war effort. These can either be made yourself or downloaded from the Internet and printed on your computer.

Many restaurants and other food products were released in the 1940’s including Dairy Queen’s frozen dessert, McDonald’s hamburgers, York Peppermint Patties, Cheerios, M & M’s (plain), Jr. Mints, Kellogg’s Raisin Bran. These are great to put in sampling bowls scattered throughout your party for your guests to nibble on.

Play a game of Fire Brigade! Enemy WWII planes are flying overhead and dropping bombs in your city. Have all participants form two lines (or more depending on the number of participants.) At one end of each line put a full bucket of water. At the other end of the lines, put empty buckets. The goal for each team is for the first person to scoop out a cup of water and pass it from player to player until it reaches the end of the line where the last person fills the bucket with whatever water is still in the cup after all that passing. The cup is then passed back in the same way for the first person to scoop out another full cup of water. To make it more challenging, space out the players a good six feet apart from each other so that they have to walk/run with a full cup of water!

Pass out white paper plates to the kids while they are waiting for all of the other guests to arrive. rovide plenty of markers (lots of red, blue and black) and have them each redesign Captain America’s shield. Explain that Captain American was all about US patriotism and that they should ork the ‘stars and stripes’ into their design. Once all of the designs are completed, everyone can vote on the best design for a special prize. These are also great to do at the beginning of your party because they can be used as part of your decorations - you can either hang them from the ceiling or on the walls, or place them on the backs of the chairs for the different guests (as a way of place settings.)

Movie posters and political figures from from the 40s make terrific decorations! Check online for popular movies from that decade, but consider Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Oklahoma (the musical), Yankee Doodle Dandy, Disney’s Bambi (yes, Bambi) and movies by comedy duo greats such as Bob Hope and Bing Crosby as well as Abbott and Costello. You might also consider figureheads uch as Winston Churchill, FDR, etc. Posters can always be ordered from online vendors however you can also download the images from the Internet and print them on your home computer. These look great posted anywhere and can be done with very little cost!

It’s turned into a very popular hobby for a lot of men to restore old cars. Know of anyone who has estored an old car from the 1940’s? See if you can find someone who would be willing to show theirs off! Have some music playing from within the car (using a tape recorder if need be) as though he car’s radio was on.







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