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Surfing the Net for carnival ideas? Already have ideas but looking for a ton more? Look no further! This incredible download has over 40 pages of creative carnival ideas, all fleshed out and ready to be implemented by you! No ads, fluff or redundancies...all workable material that you can use RIGHT NOW to get a headstart on your carnival planning!

What does this download include?

  • Carnival Games - 35 Fleshed out carnival games that you can implement on even the smallest of budgets! Games that are tried and true and games that are new - all detailed INCLUDING variations on each so that you can customize each game to fit your expected audience and working budget (even NO budget!) From darts to rubber ducks to penny pitches to's all there!
  • Other Carnival Booth Ideas - We don't just stop at games! We've included ideas for setting up 19 different other booths from fortune telling to a House of Horrors.
  • Miscellaneous Carnival Ideas - PLUS, over 20 more fleshed out ideas to help you plan a successful carnival from ideas for Carnival Currency to setting up a Circus Train Parade with children as the box cars!

OVER 40 PAGES of non-stop ideas, ideas and even more unique and creative carnival ideas!

Example of a 'carnival idea' found while searching on the Internet:

"Set up a dart game"

It's a great idea, but it doesn't give you much to work with. What if you want ideas on how to set it up because your budget won't support an expensive 'official' dart game booth set from a carnival vendor?

OUR idea listed in the Ultimate Carnival Ideas Resource Guide (Game #22):


The game: The player throws a dart from behind a clearly marked line, pops a balloon and wins a prize.

Ideas and Variations:

  • Make sure that the line to stand behind is clearly marked (for those that like to cross it…). Consider having a second line closer to the target for younger players.
  • Be aware of everything AROUND the booth…for those who may be lousy shots. Make sure that the person working the booth is safely out of the path of any thrown darts.
  • To ensure safety, use sharp darts and full balloons. (Half inflated balloons can bounce dull darts away) If you are blowing up balloons, you'll have to make sure that you blow them up ahead of time and keep the supply nearby. Special hint: The smaller the balloon…the quicker they blow up.
  • A variation is to offer different prizes for different balloon colors or sizes - e.g. the smaller the balloon hit, the bigger the prize or more prize tickets they earn.
  • Make sure that the board you choose easily accepts the darts (it can't be too hard or the darts will ricochet off possibly hitting someone - or just landing someplace you don't want it to)
  • The person working the booth should be the only one handling the darts while not in use. Do not leave darts loose around the area and the worker should hand players the darts as they pay for their turn.
  • You might offer a different number of darts for different prices. For example, one dart for $1, three for $2 and five for $3 (it gives players an incentive to spend more and increase their chance to win.)
  • If you'd rather stay away from sharp darts, consider magnetic darts or suction cup style darts. (Use a sheet of metal found at local hardware or home supply stores).
  • Pictures of balloons can also be placed on the targeting area - you can paint or draw directly on the target or tape up paper targets. Rather than balloons, you can choose an image that relates to your carnival or booth theme - if you have one. For example if you title the booth 'Shoot for the Stars' - then you could use stars, moons or rocket ships as targets.

We make sure that you have enough to work with so that you are able to customize the game to meet your exact needs.

Circus Themed Paper - Antiqued with a touch of magic!

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