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  • Have a Race Track cake! Two round cakes set side-by-side can look like a figure-8 track. You can cut circles out of the center of each cake to make the tracks. Frost the cakes with a light green frosting for the grass. Then crush some dark chocolate cookies (Oreos). Make a track around the top of the cakes with the crumbs. (if you didn't cut out the center of the tracks, use a circle stencil to keep the crumbs out of the middle, and then cover the center with more green frosting or green sprinkles) Use white tube gel icing for the street lines. You can put candy cars or a small toy Lightning McQueen on the track of the cake.

  • Black and white checkered flags for the driveway and around the party! Lightning McQueen needs to know when to start the race. You can use a black and white checkered table cloth and cut it into appropriate sizes, or just print some from your own printer. Tape the flags to small pencils or dowling rods and line your driveway with them. Put a larger flag on top of your mailbox. White butcher paper with a black construction paper track is great for a tablecloth!

  • Street signs are great decorations! Disney Cars follow road rules, and your guests can, too. They are useful for party games, too. Use a stop sign for a game of red light/ green light. You may be able to borrow a sign or two from your neighborhood public works department... or just print off some signs from your computer and post them around your party.

  • Serve race track food - hot dogs with carrot circles on the sides (attached with a toothpick) look like little race cars. Make stop light treats with red and green Jello circles. Make a pizza with the toppings around the edges and it will look like a tire or serve individual bagel pizzas. If you have older guests and no light carpeting to ruin - serve dark punch and say it's motor oil.

  • Race - race - race! Set up an obstacle course and have your guests run through it. Or, if you are daring, get some office boxes or packing boxes and cut off the top and bottom of the boxes. The kids have to stand in the box and run as if they are a car. You can make carrying handles or shoulder straps with ribbon or clothesline if that's easier.

  • Tire events! Luigi loves to fix the cars and change tires for Lightning McQueen. Bean bag toss - use the tire as the target. Or have tire races - the kids have to roll the tire around cones in a yard or driveway in the fastest time they can. (Make sure your guests are wearing clothes that can get dirty)

  • DON'T THROW AWAY THE PARTY DECORATIONS! - Save money and do something your guests will LOVE! GIVE AWAY your party decorations! Use Cars posters (see below for inexpensive resources) to hang around your party area. Allow the winners of different games to choose which poster they'll take home after the party!

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