Cat Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

Planning a Cat party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Cat Party Ideas

Download a COMPLETE set of cat themed SCAVENGER HUNT LISTS


Allow your guests to bring pictures of their cats (if they have them) and post them on a large sheet of posterboard you have posted at the entrance to the party.

Serve party food from plastic cat dishes (making sure they are new :) )

Using a clean kitty litter box, fill it with kitty litter and hide coins and other small toys in the sand. As a party game, allow your guests 15 seconds to find as much as they can using only a small plastic shovel!

Ask all of your guests to arrive to the party dressed like a cat - provide prizes for the most creative and best overall.

For small children, paint whiskers on the faces of the guests as they arrive at the party.

A great and easy cat themed cake - make a standard 9" round (ONE layer) cake along with three small cupcakes. Frost them all brown and arrange the cupcakes next to the round cake in a paw print fashion! It looks great and couldn't be easier!


Puss In Boots Storybook First Page on Fairytale Paper!