Charlie and Lola Theme Party Supplies

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Charlie and Lola Party Ideas

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  • Decorate in red and pink for your Charlie and Lola party. Print out images of Charlie and Lola and mount them on colored construction paper. Hang the pictures around the party area. Put different colored construction paper circles around the area for polka dot decoration.

    Butterflies are fun for Lola! You can get different butterfly crafts for your guests to make and take home. Or bake a cake in the shape of a butterfly. Use fondant in different colors to make the sections of the butterfly different colors. Or you can use fruit roll candies cut into different shapes for the butterfly wings as well.

    Crafts are fun for everyone and Charlie and Lola enjoy them, too. Make rockets with toilet paper tubes and construction paper. Have glue, glitter, aluminum foil, or anything else you have around for decorations.

    Charlie and Lola food ideas can be easy - have gummy bugs or butterflies. Make some strawberry milk shakes, like Lola enjoys. Get some different shaped noodles for macaroni and cheese and make up stories about the shapes.

    Charlie likes soccer - Have a treasure hunt for a soccer ball. Set up some simple clues around the party area for the kids to follow. After they find the ball, they can play soccer.







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