Cheerleading Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

Planning a Cheerleading party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Cheerleading Party Ideas










Group the party guests into two different teams. Tell each team that they must come up with their own cheers…however YOU are going to be giving them SPECIFIC situations to create the cheer around. Here are some samples: The home team just lost the game, the star player just made the winning touch down, going into overtime, the home team is REALLY losing the game. Allow for creativity and you'll see some of the funny cheers they create!

Where possible/applicable, theme the party around the local team (HS, College/University, professional, etc.) It could help with the choosing of the colors as well!

From solid colors of rolled wrapping paper, create large pennants for wall decorations!

Wrap the party cups in construction paper and decorate them to look like megaphones!

Play any number of different balloon games! These include: Balloon popping relay races (two team members must pop a balloon by placing it between them while they stand face to face and hug until it bursts), Balloon Sit (team members run a certain spot, take a balloon, blow it up, tie it, then sit on it to pop it before running back to tag their next team member who must do the same) and Balloon Tie (a balloon is ties to each participant's ankle - everyone tries to stomp on everyone else's balloon while also trying to keep theirs safe - the last one with an unpopped balloon, wins.)






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