Cinderella Theme Party Supplies

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Cinderella Party Ideas


Print out images of birds and mice and hang them around the Cinderella party area. They helped Cinderella with her tasks for the day. You can find Disney images to print, or just use any images from books or online sources.

Pin the pumpkin on the carriage - or pin the tiara on Cinderella - or pin the shoe on Cinderella - or … the choice is yours. Get a piece of posterboard and draw or copy an image of a few horses and their reins… maybe the four wheels. Now cut out white pumpkin shapes for the carriage and put some tape or poster tack on the back of the pumpkins. Play the game and the winner is the one with the pumpkin closest to the right spot.

Set up a creative Cinderella themed scavenger hunt activity. Either create your own or download one off the Internet (CLICK HERE)

Cinderella party shoe matching! Get pairs of doll shoes, one pair for each player - any size will work, but preferably each pair is about the same size. Put one shoe from each pair in a bag or basket, hide the other shoes in the game area. Now each player pulls out a shoe from the bag, then must go and find the matching shoe in the party area. If you don't have enough shoes, you can always draw or print some out of paper and do the same thing. If you print additional copies of the shoes, you can use them as place markers at the table… so once each person selects a shoe type, they know where to sit at the table.

Help Cinderella get to the ball - so help the Fairy Godmother find everything she needs. Hide pictures or stuffed animals of three mice, a dog and a pumpkin. The guests must find each item for Cinderella to have her coach to get to the ball on time. You could even hide ribbon, a necklace, a small dress… and tell your guests they are helping the mice and birds with creating a dress for Cinderella!

Cake ideas - you can do a dress cake. Bake a standard cake in an oven-proof bowl. Depending on how tall the doll is, you may need to add an additional round cake on the bottom. Now you can put the doll in the center. Use white or pink frosting for the cake to complete the "dress."

Decorate in pink and white. Balloons, paper bells or birds, streamers… standard party decorations are appropriate for a Cinderella party. You can use white butcher paper for the table cover and provide crayons for your guests. They can draw animals and dresses for Cinderella on the paper while they are waiting for other guests to arrive.







Glass Slipper Pages on FAIRYTALE PAPER!

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