Ultimate Circus Themed Event

Circus Themed Event

Surfing the Net for circus theme party ideas? Already have ideas but looking for a ton more? Look no further! This incredible download has over 30 pages of creative circus ideas, all fleshed out and ready to be implemented by you! No ads, fluff or redundancies...all workable material that you can use RIGHT NOW to get a headstart on your circus theme party planning!

The Topics

Circus Theme Party Decoration Ideas (48 ideas)
Circus Theme Party Invitations Ideas (11 ideas)
Circus Party Food Ideas(18 ideas)
Circus Theme Party Games and Activities (45 ideas)
Circus Carnival Ideas(11 ideas)
Miscellaneous Circus Theme Party Ideas (7 ideas)

OVER 30 PAGES of non-stop ideas, ideas and even more unique and creative circus theme party ideas!

Example of a 'circus party idea' found while searching on the Internet:

"Decorate the room with different circus acts"

It's a great idea, but it doesn't give you much to work with.

OUR idea listed in the Ultimate Circus Themed Event (Idea #36 in the Circus Decorations section):

Hang a trapeze or two from your ceiling! You’ll need streamers and paper towel tubes or wrapping paper tubes. Hang two streamers from your ceiling – the distance between them should equal the length of the paper tube you’re using. Ensure the height of the trapeze will be above your guests’ heads. Tape the ends of the streamers to the ends of the tubing and you have a trapeze. You can hang another one across the room. A really cute idea could be to set up a stuffed animal or doll on a shelf on the wall – with a hand on one trapeze. Then it can look like he’s getting ready to swing across to the next trapeze across the room.

We make sure that you have enough to work with so that you are implement the idea to take the headache away from planning an amazingly creative circus themed party!

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