Construction Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

Planning a Bob the Builder party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Construction Theme Party Supplies

Disney scavenger hunts

Gather small constructions vehicles in the center of your table for a centerpiece. To give it a real punch, add REAL dirt. You won't need a mountain of it to give the effect! Make sure to put some of the dirt in the dozer shovel!

Lay a 2x4 on the ground across a blue sheet (the sky below.) Tell the children that they must walk across it like a girder beam on a tall skyrise being built. For variations (and older children) ask them to walk backwards, sideways, on one foot, giant steps, speed walk, etc.

Hide small toys and pennies in the dirt and allow the children to dig to find them.

Be sure to blow the whistle when it's time eat!






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