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Cowboy Party Ideas

Make scrap wood signs for your cowboy party. The more weather-worn, the better. Nail a few together, or stand them alone. Use black acrylic paint (or a wide, black, permanent marker) to write area names for your party - saloon, bank, chuckwagon, sheriff's office. Now you've got a small town for your party! You can make maps and give directions to your guests that dancing will be at the saloon and cake served at the chuckwagon.

Entryway decoration can help set the cowboy party mood - if you have a wagon wheel or barrel, wooden crates, large ropes, burlap sacks, old camping gear, anything rustic will work.

Serve Buffalo burgers or snake meat! You can find actual buffalo meat burgers at larger grocery chains - or you can just serve turkey burgers and say they are buffalo burgers. Sometimes you can find snake meat in specialty stores.

Use tin pie pans for plates at your cowboy party. This small item can really add to the authenticity of the cowboy feel. Serve finger foods to keep down the mess. Try cutting scrap fabric pieces as napkins instead of using paper items.

Set up a game of horseshoes for the cowboys. Use decks of cards and poker chips as decoration on table tops if you want to have card games available.

Cakes - make a cowboy boot shape with a rectangle and a circle cake pan. The circle can be cut into the toe part of the boot. Or paint a map on top of a sheet cake with a large, red "X" that marks the spot for a prospector. Maybe have a white and black spotted cake for the cows the cowboys are rounding up.




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