CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Theme Party Supplies

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Party Decorating Idea

Fully Downloadable Mystery Themed Bingo Set -

Fully Downloadable CSI Themed Bingo Set - CLICK HERE!


Visit your local hardware store and pick up a roll of yellow CAUTION tape. It’s made of a cheap plastic (often times you can find it at the Dollar Store, as well.) This looks great to use in any number of ways in your decorating. You can use it to mark off certain areas, especially a crime scene you might have set up as part of an activity that you might have planned (or a vignette you have set up for decoration.) It also looks great to be used as part your party streamer selection!

Make a cardboard stencil with the word CORONER on it. This can be used in a lot of different ways, painting the word on different items with white spray paint all throughout your party area. A great start is to spray paint them on black trash bags. These bags can be used throughout your party for regular trash - and they will fit the theme!

Visit your local teacher supply store. Look at their cardboard cut-outs section (the place where they would display the cardboard images that teacher put up on their boards in the classroom.) If you check out their science section you can find all kinds of different science equipment like microscopes, test tubes, etc. These make for GREAT wall decorations!

As guests walk in to your party space, play the song Who Are You? (from the original CSI TV series!) This will put them right in the middle of the TV show!

If you are going for a specific CSI show theme (i.e CSI Las Vegas, CSI Miami, etc.) consider including that location into your party decorations. For example, if you are planning your party around the CSI Las Vegas series, include some casino party decorations as well.

Use bones as part of your decorating - especially as part of your main table centerpiece. Visit your local butcher shop and ask them how much they would charge for just the bones. This request isn’t uncommon as many large dog owners visit butcher shops asking this. They typically don’t cost that much. When you get the bones, boil them for several hours until all of the fleshy party are removed. Once you have the bones, let them set outside in the sun for a day or two and voila…you’ll have amazing looking bones to use as part of your decorating. These can also be used as part of an activity - perhaps searching for them in the sandbox, etc.

Visit some chemistry/science teacher supply stores online for prices on simple chemistry beakers and test tubes. Test tubes themselves can be VERY economical to purchase and can look great on the tops of cakes, cupcakes or as part of a table centerpiece display you have planned.

If the party will be held at your home, for fun consider placing a sign on the door to the restroom that simply says COUNTY MORGUE!

Murder Mystery Knife Pages on Hand Antiqued Paper

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