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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Party Game Ideas

Fully Downloadable Mystery Themed Bingo Set -

Fully Downloadable CSI Themed Bingo Set - CLICK HERE!





If you know anyone who shoots at a shooting range for a hobby, see if you can borrow some bullet slugs for a quick and easy party game. Before your guests arrive, hide the bullet slugs all throughout your party space. Playing the game is simple, explain to your guests that ballistics has sent instructions to have all bullet slugs removed from the crime scene for processing and examination. Each slug found is worth one point. The person with the most slugs by the end of the night wins. This is a great game to play passively throughout the evening as your guests casually search for them.

Visit your local library or book store and pick up some books containing ‘One Minute Mysteries.’ If you aren’t familiar with these, they are great for using in a variety of ways in a party setting, especially at a CSI theme party! Basically, they contain a quick mystery set-up in story format. At the end of the paragraph or two they pose a question. Based on the clues that are contained in the brief story snippet, you must deduce the answer. You can either read a few to your guests, allowing them to converse with each other as to how to answer the question or you can print out copies of some of your favorites and pass them out to your guests to solve (these copies can also be left on a table for guests to take and solve at their leisure.)

For a great group game, consider visiting your local library or bookstore and get a book on Lateral Thinking Puzzles. These are GREAT for a CSI theme party and will get EVERYONE involved at the same (ideal for party games.) For those that aren’t familiar with lateral thinking puzzles, they are basically the old puzzles that require the players to solve the mystery by only asking yes or no questions. Now, don’t be fooled at the simplicity of the activity…for a good lateral thinking puzzle is typically ANYTHING but simple.

Play a few rounds of CSI bingo. This also a great game to play throughout the evening, giving out squares as the party progresses. You can either create your own CSI themed bingo boards or download them from the Internet HERE.

There are several different CSI board games and DVD games that can be found based on the different CSI TV series. The DVD version can be modified for free play such that everyone in the room can try and guess the answers at once.

Gather as many different kinds of traditional murder weapons as you can (rope, toy gun, knife, jar of poison, etc.) and attach a small white paper tag to each (as though they were submitted for evidence on different cases. On each tag, write a different case number. Before your guests arrive, hide the weapons all throughout your party space. When you are ready to play the game, explain to your guests that they must find all the weapons that they can and write down their case numbers associated with each weapon (to ensure that they did indeed find the weapon without having to remove it as proof so that other party guests may also find it.) It’s best to let your guests know how many weapons you’ve hidden so that they know when they’ve found them all. Award a prize to the guest who either finds all of the weapons first or finds the most before the time is up (that you’ve determined when you’d like to end the game.)

Pull some trivia from online for the different CSI TV series shows and play different trivia games with your guests. You can either create individual worksheets for your guests to work on alone or you can ask the questions out loud for the whole room to try and guess the correct answers.

For a lighter game to play, but a lot of fun, consider playing the child’s game of Operation!

Murder Mystery Knife Pages on Hand Antiqued Paper