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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Party Invitation Ideas


Fully Downloadable Mystery Themed Bingo Set -

Fully Downloadable CSI Themed Bingo Set - CLICK HERE!

Disguise your party invitations as court ordered subpoenas. Have the date and time of your party be the date and time that they are scheduled to ‘arrive in court.’ These are even more fun if you are planning to HAND deliver them (as court subpoenas must all be hand delivered to be considered valid.)

If you are planning your CSI party around a murder mystery activity (which is highly advised if at all possible), consider disguising your invitation as an obituary newspaper article for the person who died in your activity.

Order a bunch of small, plastic test tubes from an online vendor (there are any number of them to choose from…they are VERY inexpensive.) Write out all of the party details on small pieces of paper and roll each one up tight enough to fit INSIDE the individual test tubes. Put a cork on top of each and they look GREAT for passing out or even mailing to your party guests!

Print your invitations like an old TV guide (for those of us who are old enough to know what those used to look like.) On the inside, detail the time and date that the CSI show will be airing (of course, these are all details for your actual party!)

Disguise your invitations like police reports. You can either use your own city’s police department as the police station sending them out, or you can use one of the cities in the different TV series (i.e. Las Vegas, Miami, New York…)

Using an ink pad and your own thumb, write out the word PARTY on a standard piece of paper. You can now make copies of this as the cover for your party (with the party details copied on the backs.) Very simple, but a lot of fun!

Murder Mystery Knife Pages on Hand Antiqued Paper