CSI - Crime Scene Investigation Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

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CSI Party Ideas

Fully Downloadable Mystery Themed Bingo Set -

Fully Downloadable CSI Themed Bingo Set - CLICK HERE!

Label different locations around the party (i.e. Interrogation Room, Entomology Lab, Computer Lab, Handwriting Analysis, Biological Forensics Lab, etc.)

Nab a fingerprint image from the computer (go to yahoo.com and select IMAGES directly above the search bar - then type in fingerprint and you'll get a nice selection to choose from.) Copy and paste the image (once you click on it to get the full size) into a WORD document and enlarge it to fit the page. These can be then printed out and hung (you could also cut them out prior to hanging them up.)

Take a grown man's pair of shoes and trace out the soul (each shoe) onto a piece of cardboard. Once you cut these out, you'll have a great stencil for creating numerous footprints to place throughout your location. They can have multiple purposes (aside from just looking great spread throughout) including showing people where to stand in line for food, as part of game you already have planned or even fun paths to follow leading to different locations within your party space.

UNDER SUPERVISION, this is something the kids would LOVE to help with. Find yourself a stamp pad (they make washable ones for kids.) Using your own fingers, stamp fingerprints on the balloons, streamers and whatever other decorations you might be hanging about your party!

With standard white chalk, draw an outline of a dead body on the pavement. This would be a great place to use some of that yellow CAUTION tape.

Obtain some photos ahead of time of some of your guests and create FBI wanted posters (visit your local US post office to see the style and format.) Have fun coming up with different reasons why the FBI might be looking for them - knowing the guests, you could get crazy with it!

Murder Mystery Knife Pages on Hand Antiqued Paper