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Cupcake Party Idea


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Wrapping paper cupcakes! Because the basic shape of the cupcake is pretty simple, it’s not hard to create a lot of different cupcakes very quickly and for only pennies a piece. Begin by collecting pieces of wrapping paper left over from past birthdays, etc. If you find yourself without a lot to choose from, ask around to friends and family. You really only need about a yard of each to create a single cupcake. Begin with brown packaging paper (they are sold by the roll) and cut out giant shapes of cupcake bottoms. Now, using all of the different kinds of wrapping paper that you have, cut out tops that will fit your bottoms. These look GREAT for filling up your walls with decoration while not having to spend a lot for it!

Use cupcake pans and wrappers as part of your table centerpiece.

Do you have large bean bags in your home? Create round cardboard bases for them to rest upon and you’ll have giant cupcakes to use as part of your decorating!

For fun cupcake party invitations, consider writing all of the information on the inside of a cupcake wrapper! These can be mailed inside a regular envelope through the US postal service. If you are hand delivering your invitations, consider baking actual cupcakes for your guests with the info written on the outside of the wrappers.

For an oversized cupcake, consider taking a large, round angel food cake and removing it from the aluminum pan it comes in. Then, frost the top in a similar fashion as a regular cupcake. This is a quick solution and looks great as part of a centerpiece, especially if you have a lot of regular sized cupcakes surrounding the large one!

See who can eat their cupcake the quickest WITHOUT using their hands! Place a single cupcake in front of each participant. Each participant must then put their hands behind their backs. When you say go, the first one done wins. For best results, make sure that the cupcakes are STILL in their wrapper and you use a whipped frosting versus a heavier frosting. Otherwise you’ll find that the activity will be over with too quickly and potentially too difficult to judge.

If you are planning on having your guests decorate cupcakes as an activity, consider having different categories that each can ‘enter’ their creations in. Provide each guest with the opportunity to decorate more than one cupcake each and provide several different categories. Be creative with the categories such as Scariest, most Artistic, Funniest, most representative of the creator’s personality, etc. Offer prizes for the winners of each category.

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