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Dallas Cowboys Party Ideas

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Dallas Cowboys game day field! For those that are planning much of their party space outdoors, take some standard white sidewalk chalk and draw some of the lines on a football field directly onto your cement patio or driveway space. You won’t be able to get the whole field in, probably, but drawing a few of the yard marks can still have a huge impact on the overall decorating space. This is especially effective for outdoor spaces because there never seems to be enough decorations to thoroughly cover an outdoor space (with all of the wide open space in view.)

For fun invitations, consider buying a stack of empty popcorn bags! You can either write all of the information directly onto the bags (opting to or not fill the bags with popcorn before hand delivering them) or putting the information on a card and placing them INSIDE the bag of popcorn (again, you choosing whether or not to fill the bag with popcorn.) This will definitely set a fun tone for your guests before your Dallas Cowboys party even begins!

To play up the ‘cowboy’ feel, get your hands on some old wood (the older the better…you know the planks left over from that fence years ago, etc.) These are great to paint with black paint to make signs for your party. It’s also great to make signs leading up to your door such as “Cowboys fans this way”, etc.

Play a few rounds of football themed Bingo. This is a great activity to play while watching the game during commercial time or every time someone scores during the game. You can either create your own boards or download some HERE.

Take your favorite Dallas Cowboy football teammates’ face images (nabbed from the Internet) and making WANTED posters like the cowboys of the old west. On the posters, explain what they are wanted for - detailing some of the accomplishments since they’ve been on the Dallas Cowboys team.

From your local party supply company, purchase some blue and white plastic cowboy hats. These make for great food bowls for chips and other snacks. They are also great because at the end of the party you can simply throw them away and no dishes to wash!

Dallas Cowboys posters make for great party decorations AND party game prizes! They work great for decorations because they can fill a large space with a great image. They can also be turned into prizes for different games that you have planned throughout the party. Simply allow the winner of each successive game to choose which of the posters they’d like to take home at the conclusion to the party. Be sure to put a post-it or sticky-note on each poster as it is chosen so that the new game winners will know which ones are still available. See below for a resource for getting your hands on some Dallas Cowboys posters.

When purchasing team print napkins and plates, pick up an extra package of each and use them for decoration! They can be some of the least expensive and festive decorations you can use for your party. Napkins that are unfolded can be hung up, place inside clear bowls for centerpieces and taped up just about anywhere. The plates can be hung from the ceiling and the walls. It’s a simple idea, but a great way to add volume to your decorating without breaking the budget (see below for team print napkins and plate options.)

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