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Dance Party Ideas

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Why not turn your dance party into a modern day Sock Hop! For your sock hop, hang actual socks on the walls, or hang them from the ceiling. For the best effect, make sure that you have a wide variety of socks on display (i.e. shiny, dull, dirty, clean, both boys' and girls' socks, colorful and plain, etc.)

For some great looking decorations, buy a stack of blank CD's (your dollar store is a great place…you won't need high quality for these…) and hang them on your walls and from your ceiling using ribbon. For added fun, create your own labels for the CD's with the names of different guests scheduled to come as though they were some of the musical artists!

Using black crepe paper, create musical bars on the walls (remember, there are five lines on the staff.) Then, using black construction paper, cut out large notes to attach to your musical staff. VERY inexpensive to make and yet a great way to decorate a lot of walls!

Play a game of Music Freeze. Play music and have the children dancing. When the music stops, the children must all freeze. Those that don't immediately are out. Start the music again for those still in the game, stopping periodically until all but one child is out. Award him/her as the winner.

Have contests for lip-syncing to different well known songs. They can either be done solo or as a group. Award prizes for funniest, best overall and most creative.

If you want to get ambitious with the music, coordinate the songs to change by decade. For example, only play the songs from the 1950s for the first 20 minutes. Then, switch to songs from the 60s and so on. Over the music source (i.e. Jukebox, stereo, etc.) put up a giant poster telling everyone what year is currently playing. You can either do the footwork yourself by collecting the music and burning your own CDs…or you can purchase the Billboard collections. Each CD is for a different decade!

For your Dance, add a balloon net hung from your ceiling. They are designed so that when you pull the string, the net opens and drops all the balloons on the guests dancing! They can be purchased at most party supply stores.

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