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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Party Ideas
(These ideas were collected from The Ultimate Wizard Theme Party - to download all of the ideas, click HERE!)

DRY ICE!!! Have fun with this one. The best place to find what you need cheaply is through a local ice supplier (check your local phone book.) These look great in small beakers of colored water or in punch bowls. Remember that warm water will create stronger bubbles than colder water.

The Harry Potter series is all about friendships as they work together for good against evil. Why not plan a REAL adventure in the truest of Harry Potter traditions. You can either create your own, or download one HERE!

Visit your local discount fabric store and/or keep your eyes open for sales on prints (see their clearance sections, too.) Swags of wizard themed fabric look great hanging from just about anywhere at your party (over doorways, on curtain rods, etc.) Fabric is also a great way to hide 'modern technology' like entertainment centers or other furniture items that might be 'killing' the wizard mood or feel. Find deep, rich colors such as dark blues, purples and greens (with lots of black) and you'll find the mood prints that will transform a simple living room into a real wizard's home! Although cheap plastic tablecloths may be the first thought when trying to go economical, try using the fabric here, as well. Often times you can find $1.00/yd selections that would look AMAZING as a tablecloth!

Bingo is a great filler game...especially when you mix things up with some of the newer variations! You can either create your own, or download a wizard themed version HERE.

Visit your local stage and lighting company (view them online as well, should you not have one locally) and check out their selections of black light paints. These are amazing fun to work with, especially with a wizard theme! For those not familiar with these types of paints, they are the kind that are used in dark rides at carnivals, Fantasyland rides at Disneyland, glow in the dark posters at Spencer's Gift Store, etc. They are relatively inexpensive individually (you don't need all of the colors necessarily) - making sure that you have a black light for each location. Of course, they work best in dark places…but placed creatively, you can have magnificent signs and posters at your party!

Hang movie posters from the Harry Potter movies. These can be purchased through any number of movie poster companies online (which can in turn be given out as prizes or gifts your guests as they leave.) For a more economical approach, nab them from the Internet and print them out on 8 ½ x 11 sheets of paper for 'mini' posters. Below are some links to posters you can order

Harry Potter Flying Car Poster Harry Potter Hogwarts Year 3 Poster Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Poster Harry Potter Stag Patronus Poster Harry Potter Dumbledores Army Poster Harry Potter Thestrals Poster

Remember those homemade paper chains that you used to make for Christmas decorations? Well, grab some black (or dark gray) construction paper and make some long strings of it for decorating. They add a GREAT Medieval dungeony feel to your party atmosphere. You can either hang them in a traditional, party streamer fashion or use them in more creative ways such as outlining walls, on walls along hallways or simply hanging straight down from the ceiling (the way REAL chains would hang.) They're easy to make and kids LOVE to help make them!

Plant a couple of tiki torches at the entrance to your party. These can be purchased rather cheaply at your local craft store (often for $3 each) Decorate them with some Medieval ribbon to hide their 'luau' quality (draping down or wrapped around like a barber's pole.) They look amazing when lit and your guests will be very impressed!

Visit a few thrift stores and garage sales and pick up some cheap, but very old looking books. These look great as centerpieces! For filler, put a wizard or magic theme book on top of the others (in this way it doesn't matter the subject matter of the books that you pick up.)

Ambient lighting can really change the entire look of your surroundings. Wizard theme parties are best held at night, utilizing lots of candles throughout the party area. Even in the daytime, candles look great!

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Harry Potter Posters! - Great party decorations!

Harry Potter Flying Car Poster Harry Potter Hogwarts Year 3 Poster Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Poster Harry Potter Stag Patronus Poster Harry Potter Dumbledores Army Poster Harry Potter Thestrals Poster