Diego Theme Party Supplies

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Diego Party Ideas

This may sound a bit extravagant, but go with me on this one…Make a cave. The cave could be a mere few feet deep and a couple of feet tall…or it could consist of an entire hallway (if you are so ambitious). Use crumpled brown packing paper for the walls. Position some digging tools, lamps, even some treasure at the end inside. Hang a driftwood sign at the entrance (see Idea 23 below). This is a nice touch for the hallway leading to a bathroom. Smaller caves can be a curiosity for your guests…where does it lead? What's at the end? I have had guests get down on their hands and knees, too curious as to what might be inside. If you really want to go for it, get your hands on some chicken wire for the structure of the cave (molding it first into the shape you want) and paper mache the walls.

Adventure map decorations! Visit your local library's reference section and photocopy old maps. You can go to a local print shop/copy center to have blown up to any size you want (3' x 4' feet.) When they are blown up that large, they get very grainy, giving them a great rugged look. If you can print them on parchment or tan colored paper, they'll feel older. Print a few maps in different sizes and you can use them on the table for a centerpiece, or as place mats, or hang them on the walls. Now roll them up, fold them, tear them a little bit, crush them up in a ball and straighten them out again - to "age" the maps - or hang them straight on the walls around the party and you've got some interesting decorations.

If you want to paint with a faux rock/stone finish (without spending an arm and a leg on those craft store kits) buy a few cans of spray paint instead. Gray, black and white should do the trick (unless you'd like to substitute the grays with browns - for caves). Cover the main area solidly with gray or brown paint as usual. Then use a hobby razor blade, and lightly score the nozzle hole of the black and white spray cans. Now the paint will sputter rather than spray. Sputter the item with black and white and you've got a rock!

Borrow a few DVD players and TVs and play a few different episodes of the Diego TV show (or any number of videos they produce) at different places in your party area (check your local library before you start renting them.) The volume doesn't need to be turned up on them - they make great decoration as the scenes change! These make great prizes for the end of the party, too (assuming they aren't library copies you've used)

Print a bunch of copies of the character of your choice from the Diego TV show and hide them throughout the party area. Beforehand, though, write a different number (or character from the story, depending on how many you plan on hiding.) Allow your guests the opportunity to search for them during the party as either a casual activity or structured game. At the end of the party, have a raffle for a prize using either the numbers or the characters that you wrote on the images. In this way, even those who only found one cat will still have a chance to win the prize.


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