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The Rose Treasure Hunt

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Invite your guests to come dressed as their favorite Disney Princess. Or they can dress in the main color of that princess.

Decorate in pink and yellow. Or the color of your birthday girl's favorite Disney Princess. Sprinkle pink and white or yellow mint candies around the party table. These are the candies you often see at weddings or restaurants. Use any princess dolls you have in the house for additional room decorations.

  When considering your party invitations and thank you notes, consider the possibility of giving them something that they'll want to keep as a souvanir from the party. Consider these two special papers, Cinderella's Glass Slipper and Snow White's Apple, on special Fairytale paper. What makes them 'Fairytale paper'? Click on an image and see photos of the samples - fairytale gold shimmers in the creaces of the paper itself!  

Give away Disney princess trinkets - small jewelry and lip gloss in little purses would be cute. You can even glue plastic jewels to pink paper bags for the party gift bags. Make tiaras during the party and include them in the gift bags after the party.

Try regular or glitter face paint at your Disney princess party. Paint a glass slipper, a star, a tiara, a rose, maybe a castle…whatever you can. If you cannot draw well, you may be able to find temporary tattoos. Or try getting some glitter gloss or gel and just put that on the princesses.

What could be more charming than offering a magical story page from their favorite princess story - all on Fairytale paper! With several stories to choose from, these can be offered with your party invitations or thank you notes, as parting gifts or as prizes for different party games. Many to choose from including Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland and more!

Play Disney Princess who am I? Print out images of different Disney Princesses. Tape one picture to the back of each guest. Now they go to one another and ask each other yes or no questions to see if they can figure out which princess they are.

Pin the princess on the castle. Every Disney Princess has a castle eventually. Draw a large picture of a castle on a piece of poster board. Print out pictures of different princesses and put tape or poster tack on the back. Now play the traditional game and see who can get closest to the door of the castle to win the game.

Serve princess food. Use clear cups - punch cups if you can - to feel like crystal. Serve small, bite sized pieces as proper princesses would eat. Get candy rings or jewelry to include on the cake or cupcakes.







Castle Fairytale Paper

Knight Fairytale Paper

Medieval Crest Fairytale Paper

Rose Fairytale Paper