Dog Party and Puppy Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

Planning a Dog or Puppy party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Dog Party Ideas

Allow your guests to bring pictures of their dogs (if they have them) and post them on a large sheet of posterboard you have posted at the entrance to the party.

Serve party food from plastic dog dishes (making sure they are new :) )

Ask all of your guests to arrive to the party dressed like a dog - provide prizes for the most creative and best overall.

DON'T THROW AWAY THE PARTY DECORATIONS! - Save money and do something your guests will LOVE! GIVE AWAY your party decorations! Use dog posters (see below for inexpensive resources) to hang around your party area. Allow the winners of different games to choose which poster they'll get to walk away with at the conclusion to the party! Combine decorations with party prizes!

For small children, paint whiskers on the faces of the guests as they arrive at the party.

A great and easy dog themed cake - make a standard 9" round (ONE layer) cake along with three small cupcakes. Frost them all brown and arrange the cupcakes next to the round cake in a paw print fashion! It looks great and couldn't be easier!

For a quick and easy table party table cloth that also doubles as an activity, consider rolling out a couple large pieces of white construction paper onto your table. All white is kind of boring, so now take a dog paw rubber stamp (visit your local stamping store or ask around to those whom you know are stampers) and stamp paw prints all over the top of the paper in either a random pattern or make it look like some dogs have run across the top of the table. This doubles as an activity because you can also leave earth toned crayons (browns, yellows, blacks, grays, etc.) on the table for your guests to have fun drawing the different kinds of dogs that might have left the tracks!

Create a large cardboard dog house. If you take the time to make the house look it’s best, you’ll have a great backdrop to sit in front of while you are sitting on the floor with some of your younger guests. The pictures that you’ll be able to take with each child around and in the dog house will be priceless. Begin by take a large cardboard box (the bigger the better) and spray paint it a light color (white can be ideal as explained later.) Next cut out the door using a carpet blade. For the roof, take two sheets of cardboard and spray paint them red. With a black Sharpie marker and a yardstick, draw slat lines along the two red cardboard roof pieces in a ‘roof’ fashion. These are then attached to the top of the box in an A-frame way (duct tape on the inside should do the trick. If you’ve created a play area at your party location for smaller children, consider creating this with TWO entrances.

Write all of the party information on long strips of paper and wrap them around individual dog bone treats. Wrap a bow around each to hold the invitation tight around the bone. These are great for hand delivered invitations as well as mailed ones!

Play a few rounds of Dog bingo. This also a great game to play throughout the evening, giving out squares as the party progresses. You can either create your own Dogr themed bingo boards or download them from the Internet HERE.

Write your invitation in ‘dog speak.’ Write a lot of dog sound words such as bark, ruff, growl, etc. Make it look like the dog is trying to communicate something to them (even that perhaps the dog wrote the invitation. Below this, in parenthesis, write “Translation:…” with the details of your party following!

Ask around to all of your friends who have dogs and ask if you can have a scoop of their dry dog food. The more different kinds of dry dog food you can get, the better. Make sure that you also get the exact name brand for each. A suggestion for organizing this process would be to give friends a sandwich baggie to fill. When they return it, write the brand name on a piece of paper and place the paper inside the baggie until you are ready for the next step. Once you feel like you have enough different kinds of dry dog food (based on your own preferences) create a party game sheet listing all of the different name brands of food you collected. Create an answer sheet for yourself. Now replace all of the name pieces of paper in the baggies with numbers (1 through the number of bags you have), keeping track on your answer sheet which number is aligned with which brand. When you are ready to play the game, give each guest a copy of the party game sheet with all of the different possible dog food brands. Next, pass around the baggies of dog food and have each guest try and guess which is which, write the number of the piece of paper inside the baggie on their game sheet next to the brand they think that baggie represents.

Have fun laying some wagers on which dog food a certain dog will eat first. To do this, make sure that you have a hungry dog (multiple dogs for this game can be a lot more fun as it adds more variables to consider when guessing.) Place two different small piles of dog food one foot apart from each other. Several yards away prep the hungry pup. Each guest is to guess which dog food the dog will eat FIRST. Once everyone lays their wagers down, release the dog and see who wins. This can be done as often as you’d like with several different dogs playing, trying out several different types of food.

At the beginning of the party, hand each guess three small doggie biscuits. Explain to them that they are not to use the words YES or NO throughout the party. Instead, they are to use the word BARK for YES and RUFF for NO. If they absentmindedly try using YES or NO while they are chatting and the person to whom they are speaking catches them, they must give one of their dog biscuits to that person. If the culprit is talking to several guests at once, then it is the first guest that notices that gets the biscuit. At the end of the party, the guest with the most biscuits wins!

Several city shelters have the equivalent of a “Meet and Greet” which is basically an opportunity for folks in the community get to come to the dog shelter and visit with the dogs - this event is usually held outdoors and can be a lot of fun. This can be a great place to take your visitors for a short while to pet and meet all different types and breeds of dogs! Check your local shelter for their dates.

Play a game of Simon Says, but make sure that all of the actions are actions that a dog would do (play dead, roll over, bark loud and soft, wag your tail, etc.)

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