Just Ducky / Rubber Duck Theme Party Supplies

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Just Ducky / Rubber Duck Party Ideas

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Play duck games at your duck party. Pin the beak on the duck, duck-duck-goose, follow the leader duck… mama duck says.

Decorate in yellow and orange and have blue and white balloons around for bubbles. Tape duck foot prints around on the floor and on the walls for decoration.

Make duck feet for everyone to wear during the party - tape orange paper on the top of folk's shoes, so they can still walk around.

Duck cake - blue cake with yellow duck toys on top. Or you can make candy ducks out of fondant and put those on top of the cake. Make a bathtub with white frosting on the sides and around the edge of the top of the cake, use blue in the center for the water in the tub.

Bubbles. If you are doing a rubber ducky theme, blowing bubbles is easy and fun. Blue and white balloons look like bubbles, too. Hang them at different heights in a cluster to look like a bunch of bubbles.

Serve yellow or orange punch with yellow sherbet. Clean some rubber ducks very well and have them floating in the punch bowl. Cut sandwiches into duck shapes - or duck footprints. Serve snack mixes with cereal in it as "duck food." Make blue Jello and have ducks on top of it, or around the plate or bowl.

Make duck gift bags or cups - use yellow bags and cut out orange triangles or rectangles for the bills. Glue or tape them to the side of the bag or cup and draw black eyes.






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