Elephant Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

Planning an Elephant party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Elephant Party Ideas

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Have buckets of peanuts set throughout the party area. If the peanuts are not shelled, make sure that there are EMPTY buckets as well so that you won't have a huge mess of peanuts shells to clean up with later

Visit your local public library and check out different books on elephants. These look great as part of table centerpieces or as general decorations placed throughout your party area. They can either be laying flat or they can also be propped up in a half open fashion (remember to visit both the children's AND adult's section of the library

Organize a peanut nose relay. The object is to push a peanut across a long flat surface using only your nose! Have two or more teams split their players on two sides of the flat stretch. Each team member must push the peanut to the team member on the side, who will then take over pushing the peanut back and so on.

Play a game of famous elephants…seeing how many they can name (some to include are Dumbo (Dr. Suess), Horton, Jumbo (Dumbo's mom), Colonel Hatti (Jungle Book), Tantar (Tarzan), Shepp (George of the Jungle), etc.)

Look up some facts on elephants at your local library and periodically ask your guests them throughout the party, awarding points/peanuts as you go (true or false might be the way to go for younger crowds). Give a prize to the individual with the most points/peanuts at the end of the party.


Toss loose straw about on the floor for a circus elephant or zoo elephant feel.

Visit your local concession stand supply store and buy a box of popcorn bags. These look GREAT when they are strung together to make streamers!!! - they also look great as part of your decorating as a whole…get creative with them!

Make elephant animal footprints leading up to the entrance of your party. Find footprints in books or online. You can look at library books for patterns or online. Cut out of construction paper the footprints of elephant. Tape them to the ground leading to the front door of your party. It will look like an elephant has already arrived at the party ahead of your guests!


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