Elmo Theme Party Supplies

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Elmo Party Ideas

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Decorate your Elmo party in red, yellow and blue. Streamers, balloons, tablecovers. Cut out large letters from yellow construction paper and hang them around the party area as well. If you have a goldfish - put it in a bowl in the center of your table and you have Dorothy visiting from Elmo's world!

Make Elmo party hats! Basic red party hats will work - then just glue white foam circles with black pupils for eyes and an orange oval for his nose and you have an Elmo face! This may also work on kid-sized red visors.

Play Elmo says or follow Elmo at your Elmo party. The leader can have the guests do simple tasks like hop, skip, do a jumping jack or two…have them act like a monkey.

Pin the nose on Elmo. Or pin a birthday hat on Elmo! Draw or print out a picture of Elmo on a piece of poster board and hang it on the wall. Cut out yellow noses for each guest and put tape or poster tack on the back. Now play the traditional game and see who gets closest to putting Elmo's nose in the correct place!

Play sorting games at your Elmo party. Set up a lot of red, yellow and blue balloons at the party, all mixed up all over the party area. Hang a piece of red construction paper in one corner, blue in another, yellow in the third. Now have the guests try to sort all the balloons to the correct corners within a certain amount of time.

Food - Elmo loves pizza! Anything the guest of honor likes is appropriate. You can serve red gelatin dessert. We don't recommend red punch unless you don't mind a red spill. Make an Elmo cake -or a goldfish shaped cake for Dorothy!

Try an Elmo goldfish toss! Get some different sized bowls and some fish crackers. Have the guests try to toss the crackers into the bowls. You can set different points for different sized bowls - or if they are farther away. Or just have fun seeing how many fish you can toss into the bowl.

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