Enchanted Theme Party Supplies

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Enchanted Party Ideas

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To make a Disney Enchanted party area, be sure to decorate in whatever color your princess loves. Use balloons everywhere and lots of sparkling confetti, if possible.

Make Enchanted jewelry. Simple clear plastic beads and colorful plastic lanyard is inexpensive at your local craft store. Bracelets and matching necklaces would accent the party nicely.

Put candy jewels and jewelry around the table top and on the cake.

Decorate a crown. Before the Enchanted party, cut out some white posterboard crowns. Provide glitter, glue, plastic jewels, stickers or anything else that will make a crown for a young princess. Have all the guests wear their crowns for a group picture.

Have a castle contest at your Enchanted party. You can give guests a deck of cards and see who can make the largest or tallest card castle. Another option - cut out various shapes of colored construction paper… rectangles, triangles, squares. Give each guest a piece of blank paper and have her glue the construction paper shapes to the paper in the shape of a castle. You could even cut out tower pieces, windows, battlements, flags and other "castle" shapes to help with the construction.

Have Enchanted makeovers. Give the girls a chance to put on makeup, nail polish, brush their hair, put it up in nice dos….whatever girlie pampering you can manage based on their age and interests.

Food for an Enchanted party. Serve delicate princess type food that won't get too messy. You can serve your punch or drinks in tea cups or clear punch glasses for an elegant feel. Serve mini sandwiches and crackers and cheese. Chicken nuggets would work, if your princess is particular about her party food.




Disney scavenger hunts