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Want to plan a clever and creative medieval treasure hunt, but don't know where to start? Let us do the thinking for you! With over 20 years experiences in designing themed treasure hunts, we are the single best source on the World Wide Web for setting up your own treasure hunts! A great medieval party game for your medieval theme party or renaissance theme party!

You'll follow the romantic story of Katrina, the lovely lady of the court, and Sebastian, the village glassblower. As the treasure hunt unfolds, so will the story until the climactic bringing the much anticipated "and they lived happily ever after.".

THE ROSE treasure hunt package comes with the following:

- Easy set up instructions to make sure the hunt is pulled off seamlessly.

- Three puzzles that are fully integrated into the story (no crosswords or word searches...you're participants will become a part of the story!)


* The first is a puzzle of deduction - Who left the rose on Katrina's pillow? Perhaps finding Katrina's personal notes will help...

* The second is a puzzle a small logic puzzle - Who did Nathaniel meet in a secret rendezvous? Katrina's servants could only remember bits and pieces of what they saw...is it enough to figure out who?

* The third puzzle involves using a map of the kingdom in order for Sebastian to save his love from marrying the evil Lord Wellington!

- Six separate portions of the story to keep the action moving.

How does the story end? You'll have to finish the treasure hunt to find out!

You supply the locations, the package supplies everything else!Great for the Classroom: Teachers click HERE for ways to incorporate treasure hunts into your classroom.
Great for Parties: Click HERE for ways to incorporate a treasure hunt into your party.
Great for the Office: Click HERE for ways to incorporate treasure hunts into your office activities.
Great for Churches: Click HERE for ways to use treasure hunts at your church.

The cleverly built in versatility allows the treasure hunt to be set up inside a home, on church grounds, over an entire baseball stadium, throughout an entire city...ANYWHERE! Their design also allows maximum flexibility in time duration. Would you like it to last 15 minutes? Would you like it to last three hours? You are able to make those decisions based on your available and desired time frame!

NOTHING MORE NEEDS TO BE PURCHASED! Everything you need to facilitate the treasure hunt is included in this download.

Great for adults. Great for kids!

Because we offer the treasure hunt in download format, you are able to keep them forever, resetting up the hunt over and over for different groups of people over the years, changing the locations each time!

What do our actual customers have to say about THE ROSE ?

"At the last minute, I was looking for something fun and inexpensive to do for my family on Valentine’s Day and remembered how my kids love treasure hunts. So I started searching the net and came across your site. I’m always cautious about purchasing things on the internet, especially sites I’m not familiar with. But I read your reviews and thought I would give it a chance, hoping that it didn’t turn out to be a waste of money. I also e-mailed customer support with some questions about the product and received immediate response from a live person, even on the weekend. One thing I wondered is if it would work for a small group, like my family of 4, and they assured me it works for any amount of people. So I purchased “The Rose,” and I must say, I was delightfully surprised upon opening my download how easy it was to set up and so very well thought out for any situation. It enables you to customize it for your location and make it as elaborate as you want or use it as-is without any other purchase. My husband and 13 & 9 year old kids had a blast with this intriguing and fun game; it made our V-Day a very memorable one! You have a marvelous talent, thank you for sharing it. I will definitely be back for more; next one will be for a party!" - Debbie W.

"The treasure hunt turned out awesome!!! (THE ROSE)...Thank you so much for it, it was definetly fun doing it, and seeing how excited he was to do it... I will be ordering again soon!" Jenny C.

"I loved all the materials that I downloaded and all the extra advice like nice paper and extra surprises. It was a lot of fun and was very easy to do. I recommended your site to several of my friends." Melissa

"I had the pleasure of using The Rose Medieval treasure hunt. We used it at a children's camp and actually spread the game over five days! It was great seeing the kids really get into it; trying to solve the clues before the other teams. They all loved to play and it really added something special to the whole camp. Keep up the good work!" - Lizzy

"Thank you for all your help! I am planning a Medieval Faire for my 5th graders, and your materials are absolutely wonderful! We are using a lot of your ideas and games. I will refer my friends to use your site for their party needs." Renee M.

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Truly impress everyone at your medieval theme party - or any party! This download is offered in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (download the free reader HERE).




Medieval Posters! - Great party decorations!

Posters make great prizes for games and parting gifts for your guests to take home after the party!


Incorporating Treasure Hunt Adventures in the Classroom

A creative treasure hunt lends itself PERFECTLY to getting kids excited within a classroom setting. Themed treasure hunts can also add a new dimension to your themed unit - people remember more of that they DO than any other way! Follow these helpful tips to engage the children in new and exciting ways within a treasure hunt activity format.

* Remember, a treasure hunt doesn't have to be completed all at once. Different clues can be released throughout a day, week or month! In this way, a single activity can build the excitement within the classroom as your students progress on the hunt. Our treasure hunt puzzles packages allow for this kind of versatility as each puzzle comes with its own set of clues.

* Group your students in smaller teams to promote group problem solving skills
* To really build the excitement of your themed hunt, try having a letter sent to your classroom from one of the characters sending them on the hunt in the first place. This can be done several days BEFORE the hunt/adventure even begins to really drum up the excitement!

* Offer clues to the treasure hunt as rewards to the class for good behavior, academic achievement on a test, etc.

* They can also be great for family day events and especially SCHOOL FUNDRAISERS

* Teams can purchase a starter sheet to get them going on the hunt. The final destination of the hunt can be a hidden location where teams that finish submit their names into a raffle for a donated prize. The participants will have fun playing…and the prize is bonus!

* Have local sponsors pay for the opportunity to have their business advertisements printed on the BACKsides of all your clues and maps! This is a great way to earn some extra income beyond the participation ticket prices.

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Incorporating Treasure Hunts Adventures in your Party

These days, treasure hunts are typically only seen at children's parties…not because of their inability to entertain adults, but rather due to the fact that adults have already been on more than they care to remember and the ones they participated in were largely all the same. Our themed treasure hunt adventures go beyond the stale versions of rhyming clue to rhyming clue. By utilizing these ideas, you can take your adventure even FURTHER for your guests!

* Allude to the adventure subtly in your invitations. There's no need to call it a treasure hunt - make it more exciting by naming it an adventure…and then giving them one!

* Have someone dressed up as a character in your treasure hunt adventure arrive at the party when it's time for the adventure hunt to begin. Depending on the theme you've chosen, having them come in costume could really impress your party guests!

* The versatility built into our treasure hunt puzzles allow for the activities to be spread THROUGHOUT the party. It can be the perfect activity for your guests to participate in as they mingle with the other guests and enjoy the other party activities you have planned.

* Placing your guests in small teams allows your guests to get to know other guests that they perhaps wouldn't have had the chance to know. At the completion of the adventure, your guests would be generally more acquainted with each other.

* Our adventure hunts have the versatility of allowing you to use any number of the treasure hunt puzzles and in any order. In this way, you can create the perfect activity to fit with the time and space constraints of your party!

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Incorporating Treasure Hunt Adventure at the Workplace

Perhaps the two most important needs for a treasure hunt activity at the workplace to be successful are: It must be entertaining and creative enough to hold the interest of adults who have probably already been on more treasure hunts than the care to remember AND they must be versatile enough to not impede work throughout the day/week. Here are some additional ideas for incorporating treasure hunt adventures within the office:

* If the adventure hunt has enough versatility, you can spread the hunt throughout and entire day or even week. Release clues sporadically throughout the day… clues that will help them reach their goal. Each of the treasure hunt puzzles collections we provide have clues associated with each puzzle, allowing for this type of format.

* Clues can also be offered as rewards to employees as they complete different work tasks.

* Teams can be comprised of members within the same work department (to assist in the team building efforts) or from different departments to promote cross department relations.

* When incorporating a hunt as a fun activity to be done all at one time, incorporate the theme by way of decorations at the end of the hunt - giving them an exciting finale to their adventure!

* To encourage participation, allow those employees who successfully complete the treasure hunt to put their names in a raffle to win a prize at the end.

* Of course, treasure hunts also make great activities for family picnics and charity events!

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Ways to Incorporate a Treasure Hunt Adventure at your Church

Churches are always looking for new ways to bring fun into their different ministry activities. From youth groups to adults groups, a themed treasure hunt adventure can be the perfect activity! Here are some fun ideas for using a treasure hunt at your church functions:

* They can be great for those family picnics when you need an activity that the WHOLE family can participate in! There aren't many activities that will entertain the small children AND the teens AND the parents. As our treasure hunt puzzles require TWO different problem solving skills (the puzzle solving - for adults and the finding of clues - perfect for children) our adventure hunts make for the activity for EVERYONE to get involved!

* Themed events are very popular among church activities and planning an adventure that fits within your theme is a VERY impressive addition!

* Having the participants break up into teams allow for a unique kind of fellowship as they each work together to achieve a common goal.

* Treasure Hunt Adventures can also be great for fundraisers! Sell tickets to participate and then allow those teams that complete the hunt successfully to add their names to a raffle for a donated prize!

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