Fancy Nancy Theme Party Supplies

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Fancy Nancy Party Ideas

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Go over the top for decorating your Fancy Nancy party! Pink, fuschia (a fancy word for purple) and yellow will all be appropriate. Hang boas around if you can. The more sparkle, the better. Get glass vases and put some flowers around with sparkling ribbon around the vases, if you can.

Serve your Fancy Nancy food on silver trays, if possible. If you don't have silver trays, try covering a platter or plate with aluminum foil - when it's covered with food, it will still look fancy! Use formal tea cups or real punch bowl glasses to add to the fancy feel. Or try plastic champagne glasses.

Use French words during your Fancy Nancy party… invite your guests to a soiree (which actually means evening party), greet everyone with "Bonjour", say "Ooh la, la." You can even look up simple French words and ask your guests to use them during the party - words for punch, dessert, etc.

Serve Fancy Nancy food like finger sandwiches with toothpicks, fruits arranged nicely on a platter, petit fours, parfaits, sparkling cider or punch. Any ice cream should include sprinkles, cakes should have silver or gold accents and sprinkles. It's all about decoration and being fancy!

Activites for a Fancy Nancy party could include making big costume jewelry. Give everyone a feather topped pen and sparkly notebook and have them write friendship notes to each other. Set up jewelry candy in an area and have your guests "shop" for the jewelry they like the best. Have mini-manicures. An adult can paint the girls fingernails fuschia while another adult gives them a foot massage.






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