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Fantastic Four Party Ideas
(the following ideas are excerpts from
The Ultimate Super Hero Themed Event)

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Superhero Party Ideas
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Superhero movie soundtracks are good for background music. Check the movies you have in your own collection, libraries, friends and neighbors. Also - you could play a movie on your television or computer and have the screen turned off, so there is a "soundtrack" of sorts. Here are some suggestions when choosing your soundtrack music - you'll want to do what you can to play soundtracks that your guests will recognize, you can burn your own CD collection of different songs from different movies. Play the music low enough so that regular conversations can still take place.

Hang a large map of the world showing "where there's trouble." Usually these are in the lairs for the superheroes to see where they are needed.

Create a city skyline in your home or party area. You can get large sheets of cardboard and paint them black, or get solid black wrapping paper. For the cardboard, try finding large appliance boxes at a nearby store, and then you can cut the box apart. Or if you've recently moved, you can cut your moving boxes apart, and then tape sections together. Create sections of different lengths and then mount them side by side on the wall to create the skyline. You can string white holiday lights around the outline of the buildings. Or if you string a line along the bottom of your skyline, it will look like streetlights of the city. If you are patient, you could push the lights through the back of the paper to give the appearance of the window lights of the buildings.

If there's been a crime, a fun decoration is to use the yellow DO NOT CROSS tape that can be found at most large hardware stores. This can also work for streamers in a villain's lair!

Find a local comic book store and pick up some of the 25 ¢ or 50¢ comic books. There is usually a big variety of superheroes available - you'll typically be able to find what you're looking for. They would be good to lie out on tables for decoration, give them away as prizes (or let the winners choose one off the table), put them in goody bags. Be sure to look through them before you buy them, to ensure the comic is age appropriate for your party and/or guest of honor. You may need to pull out some inappropriate advertisements, or just skip and getting a book altogether.

Set up a walkie-talkie as a centerpiece on your main table or display. When you are ready to begin activities for your heroes you can have the "mayor" or "police chief" call out for the heroes through the radio. Perhaps, "May day, May day, calling all heroes" "Heroes, where are you?" You can have a representative hero - the guest of honor? - answer the call on the walkie-talkie and get instructions for what to do next. The radio call will add a sense of urgency and "reality" to the missions. If you know your hero information, you can use the actual characters from the comic strip.

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