Fashion Angels Theme Party Supplies

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Fashion Angels Party Ideas

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Decorate your Fashion Angel party in hot pink. If you can draw or print out images of purses, lipstick and various clothes, they would be great to stick on the wall or hang from the ceiling with ribbons.

Fashion Angel party gifts can range from cell phone candy holders to lipgloss. Little purses with nail polish, notepads and matching pens.

Food for the Fashion Angel party should be simple but fashionable… chicken nuggets or pizza would fit in at the mall - where the fashion girls shop.

Fashion Angel activities could include designing outfits for each other. Have the girls pair up and take turns being the client and the fashion designer. Like Project Runway on the Bravo network on television. Give the girls a time limit to be the customer and the designer. You could tell everyone they are going to a big dance and they need a new outfit to wear.

Paper doll designing. If designing for each other is too hard, you can get a Fashion Angel paper doll set and work with those outfits as examples. Or, print out images of women or dolls that you've downloaded. Print them on paper, glue them to cardboard or foam core board. Protect the "doll" with laminate sheets or clear Contact paper. Print an extra copy of the doll and cut it out to use as a stencil for outfits, to ensure the proper fit.

Make some Fashion Angel jewelry they can take home! Get some simple lanyard or beading thread and some colorful beads of various colors. Have the girls design a bracelet or necklace to go with their new party outfit.






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