Firefighter Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

Planning a Firefighter party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Firefighter Party Ideas

Downloadable Firefighter Themed Bingo Set


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Check your local library for books on firefighting and fire prevention. These look great as table centerpieces or just propped up around your party for easy but creative party decorations.

Ask you local fire station if they allow tours (or provide them themselves.) Many will do that, even offer a small training on fire prevention!

If it's summer time, play different water hose games, allowing the guests to get wet!

As a running activity, provide a training academy for future fire fighters. Offer things such as obstacle courses, races, games where they work together as a team.

If you have a fireplace (unless, of course, it's Summertime) go ahead and fire it up!

Set up targets on an outside fence and allow the guests to shoot them off with water guns!

Drape yellow, orange and red streamers from the ceiling in a flame like fashion - or have them attached to the table, but then taped to the ceiling so that it looks like the table is ablaze!

Play Fire Alarm Relay! Have two sets of clothes (oversized works best for fun) at one end of your relay race playing area. Line the participants up at the other end, in two team, each in a single file line (standard relay race fashion.) When you say GO, the first person in each team must run to the opposite side of the relay area to where the clothes are, put the clothes ON there (a judge will make sure that they didn’t miss any articles) then remove them and run back to tag the next person on their team. Explain to the participants that a fire call can come at any hour of the night and firemen must be able to get dressed VERY quickly!

This is a fun game for smaller children. Get a bunch of votive candles and hide them throughout the home (in safe places as they will be lit for the game.) Place them ahead of time (before the party begins) but don’t light them until you are ready to play the game. You may need to write down the locations of where you put the candles as you place them (depending on how well they’re hid.) When you say go, have the kids mill about, looking for all of the candles to BLOW OUT – thus putting out the fire in the house!

Play Firefighter Bingo! You can either create the game boards yourself or download a firemen themed bingo set HERE.

Set up targets on a fence or backyard table (that is able to get wet.) Test your own outside water pressure first by standing different distances from the table with a garden hose, attempting to knock them down by using your thumb over the hose opening. The further back you stand, the more water pressure you’ll need.

Firemen must go through rigorous training before they can actually work as a fireman. Take the participants outside for some exercises, jumping jacks, etc. to ‘get them in shape.’

Take the kids to a fire station. Many stations allow tours for children – it’s free and the kids will love it!

Pass out nametags to all of your party guests, but disguise them to look like fire department badges.

Set up a game of fire hose target practice! It's not enough to just bring the hose, firemen have to know how to use it well so that all of the water lands exactly where they want it to. Play a game of setting up fire targets along a wall and allow the participants to try and knock off as many target as they can using only the water coming out of the garden hose. For better aim, you might want to invest i an adjustable nozzle attachment, if you don't already have one.

Use a real fire alarm to signal transitions at different times during the party (i.e. when it's time to eat, when everyone needs to come in from playing for some cake and ice cream, to signal time's up for a specific game, etc.)

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