Florida State Seminoles Theme Party Supplies

Planning a Florida State Seminoles party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Florida State Seminoles Party Ideas

Florida State Seminoles game day field! For those that are planning much of their party space outdoors, take some standard white sidewalk chalk and draw some of the lines on a football field directly onto your cement patio or driveway space. You won’t be able to get the whole field in, probably, but drawing a few of the yard marks can still have a huge impact on the overall decorating space. This is especially effective for outdoor spaces because there never seems to be enough decorations to thoroughly cover an outdoor space (with all of the wide open space in view.)

Visit your local craft store and pick up a bag of red feathers. Take half of these and LIGHTLY spray paint them with gold spray paint (you’ll need to practice a little because too much paint will cause over clumping of the strands on the feathers.) Once they are dried, group them together with twist ties or with a dot of hot glue in small clusters. These look AMAZING to decorate all throughout your party space! They really add a classy feel to your Seminole party!

For a fun tablecloth, cover the table with white butcher paper and paint a message right on the paper - something like GO Seminoles!

Get the kids involved and make a paper chain using the Florida State Seminoles colors. Cut the construction paper in strips and loop each strip, connecting the ends with either staples or tape. Have fun coming up with different combination of colors alternating in groups or every other loop. It’s inexpensive and easy and they look great!

If you are planning on several different games (or a single games where the players are earning points) don’t call them ‘points.’ Instead, refer to them earning ‘yards’ just like in a football game. The winners will be those that get 50 yards from the 50 yard line to make a touchdown!

Play a few rounds of football themed Bingo. This is a great activity to play while watching the game during commercial time or every time someone scores during the game. You can either create your own boards or download some HERE.

Here’s a fun game for those more adventurous guests. Ahead of time boil lots of boiled eggs (two for each guest) and provide one NON-hardboiled egg for each guest. Pair up your guests and explain that they will each get three eggs cracked on their heads…TWO of them with a football helmet. They get to choose which egg will be cracked over their head (by the other partner in the pair) without the helmet. The trick, of course, being to make sure that you are wearing the football helmet with the egg gets cracked (which will end up getting their partner messy instead of them!)

When purchasing team print napkins and plates, pick up an extra package of each and use them for decoration! They can be some of the least expensive and festive decorations you can use for your party. Napkins that are unfolded can be hung up, place inside clear bowls for centerpieces and taped up just about anywhere. The plates can be hung from the ceiling and the walls. It’s a simple idea, but a great way to add volume to your decorating without breaking the budget (see below for team print napkins and plate options.)

For fun party invitations, write all of the party information on a small piece of paper (small enough if, when rolled up, will fit inside of an uninflated balloon. Insert the rolled papers in Florida State Seminoles balloons (or their colors) and mail them with instructions for your party guest to blow up the balloon and pop it in order to get the party info! It’s a party invitation with a bang!



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