Frog Theme Party Ideas and Supplies

Planning a Frog party and looking for resources? We have what you need and MORE!

Frog Party Ideas

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Cut large lily pads from sheets of green construction paper and use them as placemats for your table.

Ask all of your guests to come dressed in green.

For a fun party game, get your hands on the old 80's computer game of Frogger (this game has been released on DOZENS of formats from small, handheld games to games your can rent from your local game store.) The handheld versions make great prizes for guests, too!

Cut large lily pads from green posterboard and lay out a course for the children to jump from one to the other. Offer awards for 'best time.' Decide for yourself (based on the ages of the participants) if you want to make the player start over if they ever step OFF of a lily pad before they make it to the end.

From online Halloween stores, you can order small plastic flies. These are great to decorate your cake with (being sure to remove them before the cake is served...)










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