German Theme Party Supplies

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German Party Ideas

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On eBay you can purchase coins from Germany. These make fun prizes as well as decorations for centerpieces. If just for decorating, go for the lowest denominations you can find so that you'll get the most coins for your money.

Visit your local public library and check out different books on Germany. These look great as part of table centerpieces or as general decorations placed throughout your party area. They can either be laying flat or they can also be propped up in a half open fashion. Cookbooks also look great!

These look REALLY great…but you'll need someone who has a very simple computer graphics program and the basic knowledge to use it. Download some nice photos from the Internet of Germany (you should be overwhelmed by the selection you find on the Internet) and load them into the graphics program. You can do this by 'right clicking' with your mouse on any picture you like, then selecting 'Save As' among the options. Save these to a disk on your hard drive. Across the top (or in any other place, depending on how creative you want to get with it…) put the words of the location (i.e. Berlin Wall, etc.) Then, in one of the corners put a large number (i.e. 40, 27, etc.)…essentially, you are making a large stamp. Once you have the image the way you want it, print it out and decorate cut the edges all around in the fashion of a large stamp (Fiskar scissors do a great job.) These look great just about anywhere. HINT: These can be done in assembly-line fashion and can be cranked out relatively fast once you get into the 'groove' of it.

On a TV set, play a travel video/DVD of Germany. You should be able to find one at your public library. Remember, this is for 'decoration', unless of course you'd LIKE your guests to watch the movie as part of an activity. The really great part about this is that you don't even need to have the volume on (in fact, especially for adult parties, the guests will probably more enjoy their conversations more than the movies…)!

Create a paper chain with the colors of the German flag (black, red and yellow.) This is done one link at a time, alternating the colors with strips of colored construction paper. Consider including a few loops of a single color before changing colors (i.e. you can loop with a red, green, white, red, green, white pattern….or red, red, red, white, white, white, green, green, green, red, red, red… pattern.)

Of course, there's GOT to be music playing. Visit your local library for German music (look in the International section.) If you don't have any luck at the public library, try tapping the shoulder of your local college student and have them take you to their university library…your jaw will likely drop at the selection! A word about volume: make sure that it's heard, but not so loud that your guests will have to speak over it for their conversations.

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