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G-Force Theme Party Idea


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Decorations can be done in green and brown – the main colors of the movie. You can get official G-Force party supplies as well, but if you can only afford a couple of things, the green and brown will carry the overall effect for you.

Secret cake surprise. Your G-Force cake can have a spy surprise inside. Bake two round cakes. Ice the first cake and put gummy candies or treats shaped like jewels or treasure (not too small, so no one chokes on them) on top of this cake. Now put the second cake on top and frost the two together. The secret candies will be inside each piece of cake!

Any spy games will work for the G-Force party. Since the G-Force is trying to save the world, have your party guests try to save the party! Print out a few copies of an image of a bomb or sticks of dynamite. Cut them out and glue them to construction paper to make them sturdier. Hide them in various locations around your party area. Now, tell the guests they have to find all the bombs to stop the evil villain. Give them a time limit, or just tell them they have to find all of them.

G-Force training. Have water gun target practice. Set up empty water bottles as targets for each spy-in-training. Similarly, you can set up an obstacle course they have to traverse in a short amount of time – testing their speed and agility. Maybe set up balance beam walk across a “moat” (a piece of plywood set across a blue tablecloth on the ground).

Give guests spy sunglasses or hats. Small flashlights, notebooks, stamps or ink pads… anything that feels “top secret” or like spy gear.

G-Force is a Disney movie coming summer 2009. Darwin, Blaster, Juarez, Mooch (a fly) and Speckles (a mole) are all part of the G Force team and Hurley (guinea pig) and Bucky (hamster) join them later. Darwin is the leader, Blaster is the weapons and transportation expert, Juarez is a female martial art expert. Mooch is in charge of surveillance and Speckles is the team genius.

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