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The Night of the Ghosts is unlike anything you or your guests will have ever before experienced...the actual haunting of your location. Although perfect for a Halloween event, The Night of the Ghosts can be planned for any time of the year! Perfect for corporate events, fundraisers and parties for family and friends.

You get to choose which ghosts from our list of 18 that you'd like your adventure volunteers to play to include in your haunting - all or just a couple, depending on the kind of activity that's perfect for your party or event! Will it be Clair, the bride that was left at the altar? Or perhaps Big Dan who fell asleep at the wheel? Each ghost has a reason why they can't move on into the next world. In order to rid your party or facility of the ghosts, your guests will have to figure out what unresolved issues the ghosts have to help them 'move on!'

The Night of the Ghosts includes:

* Complete instructions for setting up live ghosts at your location.

* Hints and tips for finding volunteers to play your ghosts along with all the information they will need to do a great job haunting!

* A complete checklist for setting up the entire event/activity - down to the last detail.

* Tips for turning The Night of the Ghosts into an incredible fundraiser!

* For those that want to push the limits, some extras and variations to make the experience over the top!

* 18 GHOSTS TO CHOOSE FROM - Including (to name a few)

Cody the surfer who failed to catch 'The Big One'
Jedidiah Jacobs - the farmer
Agnes Schwartz - the grumpy government worker

(Plus others - many of the ghosts' stories and pasts intertwine!)

Plan something that your guests have never experienced before...A ghost movie that they get to BE IN!!! Download this haunting adventure now!

This download is offered in the convenient Adobe Acrobat PDF format and you can


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