Golf Theme Party Supplies

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Golf Theme Party Ideas

Make giant poker golf balls out of hula hoops! Take standard sized hula hoops and use them as a stencil to trace out the shape of a golf ball. You might need to tape two sheets of white banner paper together to get a sheet wide enough for the hoop. Next, cut out the giant circles. Now, from standard white paper and using a drinking glass for to trace with, create dozens of white circles, cutting them out. Attach these to the giant golf ball you made – the effect is the look of the golf ball dimples! For best results, be sure to use partial circles on the edges of the ball to help with a 3D look. If you have enough hula hoops, you can tape the golf ball image to the hula hoop and lean them up against the walls at different places for decorations. Otherwise, you can simply tape giant golf ball images to the walls for the same effect!

Similar to the above idea, make large putting greens and sand traps (from beige plastic table cloths found at most party supply stores) for putting on the walls for decorations. Use white ping pong balls to attach to each (balls on the greens as well as balls stuck in the sand traps) to finish the look. These are very inexpensive ways to decorate large areas of space without spending a lot of money!

Visit your local library and check out several books on golf – ones with a lot of photos. These make great centerpieces on your tables when propped up open. It’s also nice to have around for guests to pick them up and enjoy the pages while they are mingling with the other guests.

Use poster board to make large scorecards for decorations. Have fun by putting the names of different guests on the cards (giving them either great scores or terrible ones…depending on the sense of humor of the guest.)

Visit your local dollar store and pick up some green, plastic tablecloths. These are typically larger than most tables one has and can be easily cut into the shape of a putting green. These look great as table cloths (assuming the shape is smaller than the surface of the table you are using).





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